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Digital services for health

11.11.19 News
SING is launching a programme dedicated to e-health startups, funded by the World Bank and the eGabon project, enabling them to deploy solutions that are essential for promoting e-health in Gabon. In fact, our country has recently adopted an information system strategy focused on the field of e-health.

The first startups to integrate this program are Duk'obieri, Mba'ening and Ushann Labs.

On 4 November 2019, the members of these different startups began their technical support program with an integration day and their first training the following day: introduction to lean startup. Their personalised support to the e-health sector is made up of workshops, individual sessions and training courses such as innovation and pivoting technology, the different business models of the Web and customer relations. The young winners will be able to refine their business models and prototypes of their applications.


Composed only of young students, these startups will work for 3 months respectively on the digitization of the CNAMGS care sheet, the creation of a shared medical record and the creation of medical identification equipment.

SING will soon partner with IAI and ANINF to set up a Lab dedicated to e-health applications.

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