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Collaborative tools in the era of COVID-19: SING solutions for SMEs

30.03.20 News

Local project leaders can no longer do without digital because it has established itself as a tool that is both practical and extremely useful. Thanks to him, they can benefit from many undeniable advantages.

Several administrations or local businesses have the reputation of not taking enough advantage of recent digital tools. In the current context this can be a threat to the survival of these companies in the medium term if containment is put in place.


The low digitization of local businesses should not be seen as a condemnation to closure but rather an opportunity for development for these businesses. Indeed, this invitation to digitalization is very often put in the background by companies, because sometimes requiring a major overhaul of the operating processes. However, thanks to digital tools, any administration can facilitate and accelerate the management of its activities. For example, SING is deploying the Eparafeur, a document tracking tool within administrations and companies. Thanks to its effective functionalities, it allows any business manager to follow from start to finish via the platform the circuit / course of processing and validation of administrative documents: from the issuing of documents to the monitoring of changes by the various employees and from final validation to signing, thereby optimizing management and improving processing times.

This process, formerly thought of as necessarily requiring the physical presence of each of the employees involved in the validation workflow can today be dematerialized in a context of teleworking.


Can meetings also benefit from the benefits of digital technology in the event of confinement via numerous tools? Google Meet, one of the components of the G Suite formula, allows professionals to organize and hold remote work sessions, with numerous collaborators, to present the progress of files, to share supports in real time via the screen sharing and instant chat.

Thanks to its “start-up business” offer, SING can help several companies and SMEs to dematerialize their business processes at a comparatively low cost and without significant investment in infrastructure.


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