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SING hosts the Digital Meetup for Digital addicts

21.02.19 News

On Thursday, February 21, 2019, SING, Digital Incubation Company to the Gabon, hosted the Digital Meetup at its offices in downtown Libreville. The event was organized in partnership with the collaborative platform We Are Digital. On the agenda for this evening: a digital MasterClass, a challenge, the presentation of a web and networking startup.

Digital Meetup focuses on content creation

This month, the theme of the Digital Meetup was the creation of content for the web and its utility. The objective was to understand this concept and all the related subjects, such as inbound marketing, SEO, storytelling and community management. The reason is because, with the power of the Internet and social networks, it is now mandatory for brands to innovate and go further by proposing elaborate, engaging and, above all, engaging content that demonstrates their expertise.

This monthly meeting of digital players in Libreville was therefore an opportunity for participants to better understand the challenges of content marketing.

SING trains professionals in digital

SING aims to boost Gabon's digital transformation by giving professionals the tools necessary for effective digital literacy. To do that, we organize training courses throughout the year on the one hand. Some are free and open to all, others are paid and on demand, and others are certified or e-learning. And on the other hand, SING also organizes training courses in partnership with other digital enthusiasts, as was the case in February with We Are Digital.

The evening began with a 15-minute MasterClass. This interactive and effective training is straight to the point and focuses on the practical aspect of the subject. Participants were then given a digital challenge, which consists of a 30-minute creative group workshop.


To participate in our training sessions and strengthen your digital expertise, click here.

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