Join Pivot 4.0, the first 100% dedicated digital incubator in Central Africa and take advantage of all the necessary tools to successfully develop your startup.


Startups, get financial freedom and achieve all your ground breaking projects thanks to our innovative financing offers.


Successfully transition to digital and always stay ahead of the competition with the right expertise in innovation.


Transform your business processes and get in touch with your customers with IT solutions that maintain your leadership.

SING SA, expert in digital innovation in Africa


We are a private digital innovation services company.

Our goal is to contribute to the competitiveness of African companies through digital transformation.

We strive to remain as close as possible to African markets. As a result, we developed an expertise in innovation that is pragmatic and fits the highest standards.


What we have for startups seeking financing and growth support through training and mentoring

Incubation Our incubator provides execution support to startups at every stage of their development. more info SING Capital Our financial assistance allows early stage startups to reduce expenses and grow without worry. more info

What we have for companies and administrations maintaining their leadership position

Conseil We run audits and help you innovate to add value to your organization and your strategy. more info SING Logiciels We design IT and engineering solutions that boost your digital transformation. more info


Let's get creative

by being open-minded, by doing differently and seeking continuous improvement

Let's do more
with less

by taking action because "If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way. » Napoleon Hill

Let's always be

by being transparent and responsive at all times

Let's get organized 
to provide good quality services

by structuring our businesses and delivering what we commit to

What matters is 
the result

let’s do what’s right, stay focused on goals and show patience

We are how we do

Chez SING SA, nous partageons une culture de l’innovation fondée sur le soucis permanent de remettre en question nos savoir-faires, nos méthodes et nos outils. Cette approche repose sur nos 5 valeurs d’entreprise


Our staff is a team of trained professionals who live and breathe innovation. Our experts provide support in the implementation of your most demanding projects. We have nearly 40 years of experience in the private sector, in public administration and internationally. The skills you can find within SING are as diverse as corporate business strategy and change management.

With 14 years of experience in the United States, France and Gabon, this expert in strategy and organizations is now director and senior manager of digital projects at SING. His specialties include business strategy and financing, talent management and program design.

After working for 4 years for 2 private and public incubators in Gabon, Noemy is now in charge of monitoring activities and managing projects at SING. She also gets involved in event planning for the company.

Saturnin has been immersing in the digital world for 10 years, including 7 years at UNESCO. His expertise in ICT management lead him to take charge of the design, implementation and maintenance of information systems at SING. In addition, he also coordinates all projects and technical teams.

Proactive, Bema has been developing for 3 years an experience in supporting Young Companies, in several B2B environments, and puts this experience effectively and efficiently at the service of the SING Startups ecosystem

Delpha provides executive support for SING. She is versatile and her role extends to all SING's activities, from events to administrative matters and customer relations.

Independent, Edward makes good use of his 4 years of experience as a web project manager and his training in communication to create an effective digital strategy including the management of web platforms and SING communities

In charge of the creation of web and mobile media, Orphée has a key role in the SING. It supports incubated start-ups in setting up and creating their indispensable tools and offers them innovative and appropriate digital solutions to their problems.

Dora works closely with the program manager. Her role within SING includes ensuring the operational management of incubation programs, as well as facilitating good collaboration between incubates and experts.

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