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Night of ideas : SING SA organizes a Design thinking PIZZA Party

31.01.19 News

On 31 January 2019, SING (Société d'Incubation Numérique du Gabon) participated in the Nuit des idées held at the Institut Français du Gabon (IFG). On this occasion, and to encourage the free flow of ideas, we opted for a friendly Pizza Party on the theme of Design Thinking.

SING at the 2019 Night of Ideas

Initiated by the French Institute, the Night of Ideas is a major annual celebration organized simultaneously on the 5 continents across more than 70 countries and a hundred cities in the world. SING participated for the first time this year with a Pizza Party, a fun format in which participants could quickly feel comfortable expressing themselves about Design Thinking.

The evening began with a word from the CEO, Yannick Ebibié Nze, who presented the characteristics of a good and a bad idea. Participants then became familiar with the user's empathy card. One of the key steps in Design Thinking, which is prototyping, requires identifying with the user through empathy.

Design Thinking in a few words

Alongside Agile and Lean Startup methods, Design Thinking is one of our preferred approaches to support startups and companies in their innovation process. This process, initially developed in the 1980s at Stanford University, encourages collaboration in companies and values user feedback.

Projects are developed through an association of diverse skills and are continuously improved through user feedback, which is highlighted. As a result, the startup or company is able to remain responsive to the ever-changing markets, while still offering relevant products and services to its customers.

The participatory approach advocated by Design Thinking was a theme that was completely in line with the spirit of the Night of Ideas. SING regularly offers MasterClass and training courses on topics such as Design Thinking.


To participate free of charge, register here.

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