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A good example of open innovation in the oil sector.

30.10.19 News

We often hear about open innovation, but what is it exactly?

"Open innovation, literally "open innovation" in French, corresponds to all innovation processes based on sharing and collaboration.  The notion of open innovation therefore implies that, in its research and development process, the company is no longer closed to itself, but rather opens up to other external actors.”
So this is about outsourcing the innovation process.

It was this concept that attracted Total Marketing Gabon and that SING implemented in the INNODAYS competition.

Based on the assumption that many entrepreneurs cannot participate in tenders proposed by large companies; conditions are generally too restrictive administratively SING proposed to TMG the concept of open innovation for the INNODAYS competition.

Thanks to its privileged link with the various communities of developers, computer scientists, entrepreneurs and others, SING has used its various communication channels to encourage them to apply for this call for applications.  Following the dissemination of the 3 issues raised by Total Marketing Gabon, namely:
1. Caddy Gas, facilitate the transport of gas bottle, at the point of sale at the place of consumption.
2. Customer Vehicle Change Tracking Application and Auto Recall.
3. Creation of a top service/safety application for station visits by TMG employees.

An information and design thinking session was organised by SING to frame the participants' thinking. After this meeting, young entrepreneurs had one week to submit their projects before the deadline of 25 October 2019. At the end, a mixed jury composed of the teams of Total Marketing Gabon and SING studied all 49 projects submitted in order to select 10 of them presenting particularly innovative solutions, achievable and scalable for the pitch stage.

Many companies are turning to this method to develop their leadership and improve their services.
SING supports other players including the insurance industry.

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