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SING Board - Results Despite Obstacles

02.12.19 News

In a few figures we can quote:

- 19 supervised startups, 8 of which come from the incubation program Cohorte Innovation 4.0 and 3 from the hackathon e-santé.

- 618 training participants, 62% of whom are women,

- 62 sessions, ie 262 hours of training.

- An average age of 39-year-olds

- 334 participants in the events organized on our premises (Agritech Gabon Meetup, Digital Meetup, etc.)

During this event, Messrs Axcèle ISSANGOU MOUELE, Chairman of the Board of Directors of SING and Raphaël MEZUI MINTSA, Director General of Promotion of the Digital Economy (DGPEN) came back on the importance of the actions carried out so far despite the first challenges of this young structure. They also recalled their respective availability to accompany the SING in its various missions namely:
    1. Identify, federate, train and support players in the digital ecosystem of Gabon
    2. Bring national champions of digital innovation
    3. Deploy an innovative financing offer adapted to the challenges of the digital transformation of our economies
    4. Offer world-class computer engineering services
    5. Design for our customers economic models of rupture in phase with their stakes and the needs of African economies

SING is created through a joint venture of several private sector companies and financed by the World Bank in its first years of operation, it is essential to maintain a good cohesion between the various structures involved in the deployment of its activities.

For this new year, SING is more than ever determined to continue its momentum in order to support project leaders, administrations and companies in the new digital challenges that await them!

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