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SING deploys its e-Live webinar offer for your seminars and professional events

14.09.20 News

The current health crisis has led government and health authorities to take precautionary measures to limit the spread of the virus, including measures of social distancing and thus the prohibition of gatherings of several people. 

This measure, while beneficial, has had a negative impact on the event sector. A sector that is estimated at 23,000 billion FCFA in Africa according to the African Association of Professionals in the Event Industry. In Gabon, the sector has been growing since 2010 and creating many direct and indirect jobs. The current situation therefore obliges companies to adapt to meet their training needs, seminars, fairs and other promotional events. 


At this point in time, the webinar emerged as a lifesaving solution, although it has been used before, its usefulness and therefore its use has gained momentum in recent times. A webinar is indeed a form of online conference with the only difference that it is interactive. The term webinar derives from a contraction of "web and seminar". The webinar is intended for collaborative work or distance education work. It usually combines video conferencing, slide shows and instant messaging. The organization in this format makes it possible to reach a wider audience and at a lower cost.

SING has not remained on the sidelines of this transition and has developed a webinar offer for companies and administrations, e-Live . Its offer includes services such as:

Assistance in structuring the webinar
Preparation of speakers and moderation
Adaptation of activities and content
Choice of videoconferencing technologies
Use of the SING online training platform
E-Marketing and communication actions before and after the event

SING allows to organize hybrid events (face-to-face and virtual) thanks to these several equipped rooms which can accommodate up to 60 people clustered in groups of 10 in compliance with health rules. The offer also includes classic services such as coffee breaks, post-event evaluation by participants, report writing and certificate production.

Since the start of the pandemic, SING has organized a series of webinars at the request of several organizations such as FEGASA and the Warisse cabinet, whose seminar focused on insurance products in the period of covid 19, The BLANC communication cabinet CRISTAL, whose theme was "committed and contributing youth: I raise awareness in my community", AGATOUR which spoke on the theme of the health protocol for hotels, restaurants and similar establishments. Public entities have also requested this service in particular the Ministry of the fight against corruption for the training of the secretaries general of the ministries in collaboration with the ¨PNUD and finally, the think tank institute Prométhée which organized a pan-African conference on the responses of the 'State facing covid-19. For each of these services, SING specialists worked upstream on the structuring of the theme and the management of exchanges with stakeholders. They also prepared the guests, and took care of the design of the visuals and communication on social networks. During the events, the community developer at SING ensured the technical management, that is to say the dissemination of the seminar on social networks, the preparation of content and files and the connection between the speakers via the videoconference system. of the SING.

SING has also dematerialized several of these signature events, in particular its new monthly meeting, SING Connect, which takes place every 2nd Thursday of the month and which brings together competent professionals and innovative startups around a topical issue.

It therefore emerges that the health crisis has certainly been difficult for many industries but that the emergence of webinars is further proof that digital technology can allow the development of less expensive and extremely effective alternatives to reach an audience that is both local but also also international.

Stay connected on the social accounts of the digital incubator so as not to miss any event and contact us if you also wish to dematerialize your professional events.

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