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Orema: the startup that reconciles you with your counter

06.04.19 Startups

Our Cohorte Innovation 4.0 acceleration program follows 7 digital startups from March to June. After a month in the adventure, we wanted to know their impressions and, above all, to introduce you to their projects... Could you quickly introduce us to your team... In the team, we are two of us. Birane NDIAYE, Managing Director at Take Away, a food and cosmetic packaging company, and Scarlette PINDJI, Senior Sales and Marketing Manager, were previously Technical Director, Administrative and Financial Director and Managing Director of a private transport company. As for Scarlett, he has worked in logistics, commerce and political support. OREMA, what is the project of your startup? OREMA is a mobile application that allows you to manage the EDAN prepaid meter remotely from your smartphone. In practical terms, the user has the possibility to consult his balance, recharge his account and monitor his energy consumption in real time. And all this via his mobile. Pretty convenient! What inspired you to create this application? Buying EDAN credit and recharging your account during the rainy season when it's crucial really made us think. Since all EDAN meters are installed outside the dealerships, we thought it was important to find a solution that would suit everyone. Have you encountered any major challenges in your entrepreneurial adventure in Gabon?... Overall, we have found that access to information is not given. However, as entrepreneurs, we must play very diverse roles, perform tasks that we had never before encountered and find resources to progress effectively in the realization of our project. What motivated you to apply for this acceleration program? we chose Cohorte Innovation 4.0 because we needed a structure in which to evolve without constraints. A structure capable of giving us more legitimacy as a young company, because it is essential to get in touch with the various partners and convince them to opt for our solution, so soon 1 month in the Cohort. So far, how has it helped your startup in practice? thanks to the Pivot 4.0 acceleration program, we have learned a lot about the methodology of a startup. We understood why it is necessary to be accompanied at the beginning of your business, and we also understood a new way of managing our startup to be more efficient and to maximize our chances of success... And to conclude, do you have a SING crush?

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