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Performix Inno : the startup that makes your daily life easier

07.04.19 Startups

After a month of follow-up by our experts to adjust their products and refine their strategies, our incubated startups express themselves on their projects and their adventure in Cohorte Innovation 4.0.

Let's start with a short presentation of your team, are you up for it?

Performix Inno is a young startup created in 2017 in Gabon, Yvan NGUEMA being the initiator. The ambition behind this project is to develop the first digital platform in the country for managing purchases and remote appointments.

We are a team of 6 members with complementary skills. Most of us studied in Gabon, except our founder - a great digital lover. We are fortunate enough to be composed of a marketing expert, an accountant and a host of young web and mobile developers.

Can you tell us more about this platform?

Our mobile application is called M+ and what is great about it is that it significantly reduces the length of queues in offices, banks, pharmacies, stores, telecom, etc. Users can make appointments online and even buy goods from the Internet in another location. They have no restrictions since the platform is not limited to a given sector, it really includes all the domains necessary for the functioning of everyday life.

Transactions are possible both nationally and internationally.

Where did the inspiration for this ambitious project come from ?

Two major events pushed me to set up this application. The first was when I saw my mother traveling from Port-Gentil to simply make an appointment at a clinic in Libreville to be followed by a doctor. The second is when I unfortunately missed a Christmas party because of a delay in the supermarket.

After these two incidents, I thought there must be ways to make people's lives easier, especially since digital technology is at the service of everything and everyone nowadays.

What challenges have you faced as entrepreneurs?

The main challenge for our startup was to build a diversified team, recruited directly from our local universities. Then, it was to create an innovative product while giving everyone the opportunity to express themselves and showcase their own skills.

Congratulations again on your selection in Cohorte Innovation 4.0. What do you expect from this acceleration program?

First, Cohorte Innovation 4.0 acceleration program will allow us to refine and finalize our product because we want to offer the best to users. And above all, this program is a human experience for our startup. Every day, we get to know new techniques to better manage our business.

What is your assessment of this first month in Cohorte Innovation 4.0?

Cohorte Innovation brings us valuable experience when it comes to implementing a solution or adopting the right positioning for a digital product. The different training sessions given in the Pivot 4.0 incubator allow us to discover new methods to adopt the right positioning.

Is there anything you love about SING ?

Certainly! We love the professionalism and proximity of the SING team. Also, everyone is reassuring and knows how to motivate us well.

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