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Wagui : the startup that helps local farmers

08.04.19 Startups

Let's start with the presentations, tell us about your team

Our team consists of 3 members including Tamarah Moutotekema Boussamba, who is co-founder and head of administration and partnerships, Marlyse Mapaga, who is also co-founder and head of application development and Benjamin, who is a web developer.

How about your project, can you tell us?

Wagui is an agricultural consulting and financing application. It contributes to the increase in local production through the digitisation of the agricultural council, and facilitates access to small equipment and financing. With or without an Internet connection, the farmer can access Wagui to use the services offered and increase his income. a farmer can access our services and thus increase his income.

What is the story behind the creation of this agricultural application?

We based ourselves on the experience of one of our members in the agricultural sector. He was able to identify the problems encountered by the farmers with whom he works. We then considered an efficient and innovative solution that would allow us to increase local production using new technologies. We also wanted to facilitate access to facilitate access to innovative agricultural techniques and address the problem of crop financing.

Have you encountered any challenges or difficulties as entrepreneurs in Gabon?

The challenges we have encountered relate in particular to financing.

Congratulations on your selection in Cohorte Innovation 4.0. Why have you joined this acceleration program?

This program is pragmatic and will help us accelerate the development of the application...

You've been in it for already 1 month now...

It targeted the points on which we needed to work to move forward, while providing us with the necessary tools.

And finally, what do you like most about SING?

The team. They are always available and ready to answer our questions.

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